EMG SAI Gas Blow BackKit For Tokyo Marui M4 MWS GBBR (Short) - Cerakote (by G&P)


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Fully licensed Salient Arms design.
Features full Salient Arms trademarks.
Designed from the original Salient Arms blueprints.
Jailbreak railed handguard with SAI QD system for tool-less rail changes.
Adjustable stock.
Removable Jailbreak muzzle device.
Titanium nitride style "Salient Arms" bolt carrier group for TM Z system.
Cerakoted Grey


Tokyo Marui M4 MWS GBB rifles

The EMG Salient Arms GRY AEG accurately replicates the look and feel of the actual GRY. From aircraft grade aluminum receiver, to the 100% accurate replica of the Jailbreak front assembly, the EMG GRY is an ideal training analog. Internally the GRY features a G&Ps well respected reinforced 8mm version 2 gearbox, ensuring high performance, reliability and aftermarket support and upgrade components. The EMG GRY is built to exacting standards laidout by Salient arms and is sure to be the most accurate and realistic training platform available.

About EMG:

Evike Manufacturing Group (EMG) is the R&D division of Evike.com which specializes in high end training and custom weapons. EMG works directly with the real firearm manufacturers to make accurate, high quality training versions of their weapons. With professional military & law enforcement training in mind, EMG strives to make sure each firearm is true-to-spec in form and function as possible. Individually hand assembled and quality control tested right here in the USA, great care is taken under the strict scrutiny of EMG technicians to ensure each gun will stand up to the rigors of real training.

About Salient Arms:

Salient Arms International (SAI), a cutting edge and innovative forerunner in the firearms industry based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, provides expert gun smith services for a wide range of firearms. Catering to the demanding requirements of Military, Law Enforcement, Civilian, and even Competition Shooters; Salient Arms Int. identifies a weapons weaknesses and shortcomings and provide problem solving solutions to push the envelope of performance out of each weapon system. Bringing out the full potential of each weapon system provides the user with a huge advantage as well as boosted confidence in situations where seconds can mean the difference between success and failure, winning or losing.

About the Real Steel Rifle:

The Salient Arms Internation GRY AR-15 rifle lives at the cutting edge of firearm design. Developed by the master craftsmen at Salient, the GRY offers a unique choice for the discerning customer in a sea of cookie cutter AR-15s. The GRY is not just a wall hanger or a safe-queen, like all Salient Arms weapons the GRY was developed to function in the harshest environments, under the worst conditions and look good doing it. The crown of the GRY is Salient Arms patented Jailbreak rail and muzzle device. The Jailbreak rail is a unique, first of its kind quick change rail system that allows for easy in the field configurations, with no tools and without the loss of zero, the Jailbreak muzzle device is neither a concussion reduction device nor a simple muzzle break, it reduces recoil, flash and concussion, regardless of the muzzle device or flashhider used underneath it. The GRY is the end result of Salients dedication to cutting edge innovation, reliability and craftsmanship. 


Guns Modify CNC Aluminum Body (Cerakote)
Short Railed Handguard with SAI QD System For Tool-less Rail Changes (Cerakote)
SAI Box Fluted Barrel (Short)
SAI Type Flashider (Short) (CW) (FLH022)
Guns Modify CNC Stainless Steel Barrel Extension
Guns Modify CNC Stainless Steel SAI Bolt Carrier
Guns Modify CNC Stainless Steel SAI Forward Assist
WA TD M16 Grip (Black) (WP46B)
SAI Type Gas Block
Plastic BUIS Sight (Black)
Crane Type Buttstock (Black) (COP068BK)

Disclaimer: All aftermarket upgrade parts require necessary skill or modification to install and assemble, please consult with your airsoft technician if needed.