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MPCS PX-1 Body Armor

MPCS™ (Modular Plate Carrier System) is an Hinge™-based system developed by PSIGEAR™ consisting of front back set, cummerbund, Molle panel, and pouches. The configuration of the plate carrier can be swiftly changed according to the demand of specific missions to enable free combinations of plate carrier front and the bag carried. Convenient and flexible, the system can meet the needs of various missions.

The external part of the armor is made of 500D Cordura® and SQUADRON™. The velcros on the top of the front side can easily stick to patches. 45 degree PTT hole sites are designed on the sides, paralleling to the hypotenuse of the armor, which makes full use of the space without affecting shoulder movement. Both sides of the lower part are designed with QASM buckle lasercut hole sites, making it convenient to install QASM buckles and to equip Molle panel. The lower part has 8 velcro loops, enabling connection with Molle panel and allowing the use of traditional velcro cummerbunds. The 8 independent velcros increases durability—even split seams from vandalism will not disable the armor.  The  back design is basically consistent with the chest, which allows the installation of easily replaceable Molle panel to configure different harnesses depending on mission requirements. Inside the armor is a structure consisting of velcros and elastic fabric, which is self-adjustable to suit the armor plate. The velcros can stick to various types of mesh pads for added comfort.


MPCS Front and Rear plate pouch

MPCS Lasercut Cummerbund

MPCS Molle Adaptor

ITW QASM Buckles

Shoulder Pads