ACETECH iTracer Unit with iTracer CD (Commander Display) & iTracer SCU (Shooting Control Unit)


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The ACETECH iTracer unit is an innovative way to control the fire control of your gun AND be used as a tracer/control unit all in one. The unit is able to measure muzzle velocity and energy while the suppressor/silencer acts as the tracer unit itself!

Integrating the functions of tracer unit, chronograph and multiple-round burst intelligen MOSFET.
Small and light, easy to carry and attach.
User-friendly interface with 128x32 OLED.
Suitable for all platforms of airsoft guns (AEG, GBB, Spring, HPA).
Measures muzzle velocity (FPS/MPS) energy (joule), and ROF (RPS/RPM) via the tracer.
Providing the last 25 records of muzzle velocity, energy, and ROF.
BB-counting function from down to up and vice versa (parameters are settable).
The brightest illuminating effect in the world.
Power saving/standby/auto power-off modes.
Settable shooting control unit (SCU) for multiple (1-20) round burst. 
Low ammo warning + AEG battery indicator + Low AEG battery warning.
Devices connected with each other via wireless signal.