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General parts of the product, namely the receiver with the barrel, gas tube, and receiver cover are made ??of steel. The parts for mounting tactical accessories (Picatinny rail covers and handguard), removable rear sight, as well as elements of the collapsible telescoping buttstock are  made ??of duralumin. D16T forend, pistol grip, the body of the telescopic butt, quick release button shop are made ??of plastic.

The product is covered by a phosphate varnish. On the receiver, in accordance with the combat model applied labeling: The model and caliber combat prototype (AK12, 5.45x39) logo manufacturing plant combat prototype (Kalashnikov Concern) a unique serial number marking fire mode (for products supplied in the dealer addresses, labeling will be applied on both sides of the receiver cover, indicating the three modes of fire). The magazine has capacity of 100 rounds. The product is compatible with the majority of magazines for the AK series made in Asian (test passed: CYMA, E&L, LCT, & SRC). As combat prototype product has quickly extract key store and imitation shutter lifting mechanism with the delay knob shutter cocking, desired by the user can be interchanged as on the right side of the receiver, and on the left. The base product has two fire modes. single and automatic (non-standard equipment can include a specially installed electronic device, implying lead to a cut-off several balls). The selective fire mode is located on both sides of the receiver. The stock telescopic products, extends to 40mm. When moving it can be folded on either side of the receiver.

The stock has a quick-release fasteners for mounting swivel. Place a battery located in the upper part of the forearm, it launched the 'T-connector' compartment has dimensions of 145 (L) X26 (W) X28 (H) mm. It can easily fit the battery to 11.1v 2000mAh. The product has two Picatinny rails, one of which is located on top of the receiver, and the other at the bottom of the forearm. This allows you to install the product on any tactical kit, designed to be installed on this type of plate. The top bar has a removable rear sight.

Weight: 3.7 kg without battery
Length Stock Folded: 730mm
Length Stock Expanded: 940mm
Internal components: Gearbox version 3, with the ability to change the spring quickly 145-150m/s (standard Gearbox used for all products NPO 'AEG' assembly)
Internal Barrel: 6.02mm, 509mm
Adjustable hop-up

The Kalashnikov AK-12 is the newest derivative of the Soviet/Russian AK-pattern series of assault rifles and was proposed for possible general issue to the Russian Army. In late September 2013, the AK-12 was passed over by the Russian military, but it was announced in December 2014 that it had passed state tests and now is being evaluated by Russian Army as well as its competitor the A-545 (modernized AEK-971). 

The AK-12 uses the same gas-operated long-stroke piston system of previous Kalashnikov rifles, but many features are radically different from other guns in its family. The light version has the ability to change calibers by swapping barrels. The standard caliber is 5.45???39mm and can be changed to 7.62???39mm and 5.56???45mm. Other intermediate calibers are expected. The heavy version will fire the larger 7.62???51mm NATO cartridge. It is fed through standard AK-74M 30-round magazines and can accept RPK-74 45-round magazines. The 7.62 Soviet-chambered version is compatible with AKM/RPK 30-round and 40-round magazines and 75-round drums. Magazines specifically for the AK-12 under development include a 30-round magazine with bolt-catch actuator, a 60-round quad-stack magazine, and a 95-round drum. The AK-12 is very different from its predecessors ergonomically. The stock is telescoping and in-line with the barrel for better recoil control. It also features a stock latch on the stock itself, allowing for it to be folded to either side of the rifle. It has a rubber height-adjustable cheek piece and butt plate. The cocking handle is moved forward and can be attached to both sides for ambidextrous use. The receiver is hinged and more rigid with a Picatinny rail for mounting optics. There are several other accessory rails on the weapon, including on both sides and the bottom of the handguard, on top of the handguard (in-line with the receiver for a longer monolithic rail), and on top of the gas block. A lug under the gas chamber can mount a GP-34 grenade launcher, and one under the front sight holder mounts a bayonet. The rear iron sight is further back on the receiver and can be set for aiming when the stock is extended or folded. The magazine release is in the same position but can be used by the trigger finger to detach magazines. In a departure from previous AK-type rifles, the dust cover safety selector has been replaced with an ambidextrous fire selector; it has four positions for safe, semiautomatic, three-round burst fire, and fully automatic fire. Fully automatic rate of fire is 600 rounds per minute, but on a three-round burst it fires at 1,000 rounds per minute. Other improvements include a smaller ejection port, more ergonomic pistol grip, improved rifling, and muzzle brake with a 22 mm threading that can fire NATO standard rifle grenades. 

NPOAEG is a Russian-based company that has been making the closest replicas to the real ones since Sept 2011 for half a decade. All guns are made in Russia, where the original firearms were designed. In terms of material the whole gun is made with CNC steel furniture are made with premium polymer / real wood. Welding and rivets are all actual welds and rivets, not just decorations. Finishing on the guns might be a bit raw, but that is how it is supposed to be when it comes to Russian weapons, raw, slightly awkward yet reliable in every condition, you know you can count on it in every condition. 

Fully constructed in steel with polymer handguard and grip, it was crafted in the closest ratio to the real one. Powered by a standard V3 gearbox with a 6.02mm precision inner barrel you know it would be reliable and would fit a variety of standard version 3 gearbox aftermarket parts. 

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