Maxtact - Derringer Double Barrel Gas Airsoft Pistol (Gold)


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1:1 Scale Airsoft Replica of Derringer Pocket Pistol which is the smallest usable handgun in the world
2 Rounds 6mm BB single-shot muzzle loading pistol
Black Color
Full Metal Construction with textured Grip
Hop-Up system (Fixed
Item Weight (gram): 360
Color: Black
Length: 125mm
Hop-up: Fixed
Shooting Mode: Semi-Automatic
Magazine Capacity: 2 Round
Bullet Type: 6mm BB
Power (Muzzle Velocity) ~230 FPS (Top Gas Test @ 25¡ãC Room Temperature)
About the Derringer
Remington Model 95 with pearl handles and barrels open for reloading
The Remington Model 95 is a double-barrel pocket pistol commonly recognized as a derringer. The design was little changed during a production run of nearly 70 years through several financial reorganizations of the manufacturer causing repeating serial number sequences. Guns were offered with engraving or plain blued or nickel-plated finish with grips of metal, walnut, rosewood, hard rubber, ivory or pearl. The earliest production had no extractors and have E. REMINGTON & SONS, ILION, N.Y. stamped on the right side of the barrel and ELLIOT'S PATENT DEC. 12, 1865 stamped on the left side of the barrel. These inscriptions were swapped to opposite sides of the barrel when extractors were added in 1869. In 1880, the inscription was changed to E. REMINGTON & SONS, ILION, N.Y. ELLIOT'S PATENT DEC. 12th 1865 and placed atop the barrel rib. The barrel rib top inscription changed to REMINGTON ARMS CO. ILION N.Y. in 1888 and again to REMINGTON ARMS U.M.C. CO. ILION, N.Y. in 1910.[2]
Remington manufactured more than 150,000 over-under double-barreled derringers from 1866 until the end of their production in 1935.[3] The gun was made only in .41 Short rimfire. There are four models with several variations. The first model, first variation is only the first 100 made and were marked "MANUFACTURED BY E. REMINGTON & SONS" on one side rib, and "ELLIOTS PATENT DEC 12 1865" on the other side rib. These are very rare. The second variation is marked the same without the "manufactured by". The third variation has an extractor on the left side and is referred to as a "extractor cut." The fourth variation is marked, "REMINGTONS ILLION NY" and is very rare.
The second model is marked on the top rib in two lines, "E REMINGTON & SONS ILION NY," "ELLIOTS PATENT DEC 12 1865". There are no variations.
In 1888 Remington went bankrupt and was bought by Hartley and Graham of New York. The company name was changed to Remington Arms Co., and beginning in 1889 all Remington guns were marked with that name. The third model was made in 6 variations, all marked, ""REMINGTON ARMS CO, ILION NY". on the top rib. The variations are determined by the font style. The first variation of the third models were serialized, but all other variations were marked in batches, not with serial numbers. After the merger between Remington and UMC Cartridge Co in 1910, beginning in 1911, the fourth models were marked "REMINGTON-U.M.C.CO.ILION,N.Y." and were serialized. Starting in 1922, all Remington guns were stamped with a two letter date code for the shipping month and year. The second variation has strengthened hinges and serial numbers that begin with the letter "L", These were marketed as the Model 95. The third and final model has no side rib and is referred to as a "monoblock". About 500 monoblocks were made through 1935, with only ten guns shipped after that.