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The PKP Pecheneg (Pulemyot Kalashnikova Pekhotny "Pecheneg", Russian: Печенег)[9][10][11][12] is a Russian 7.62×54mmR general-purpose machine gun[5]. It is a further development and modification of the PK machine gun.[13] It is said to be more accurate than all its predecessors due to a heavier, non-removable, forced-air-cooling barrel with radial cooling ribs and a handle which eliminates the haze effect from hot gases and keeps the barrel cooler, making the weapon more reliable.[14] Furthermore, the weapon is capable of having a telescopic sight or other sights mounted on it, increasing its accuracy and effective range.

The GRAU index of the PKP Pecheneg is 6P41 or 6P41N (PKP Pecheneg-N) when fitted with a mounting rail for a night vision sight. It is currently in use by Russian Army Spetsnaz and other troops in significant numbers. Even though it was developed mainly for infantry use, it also has been fitted to several light vehicles.[13]

The PKP Pecheneg is a standard 7.62×54mmR PKM machine gun without the rapid barrel-change option, and intended for use from an integral bipod as a squad support weapon. It can provide more sustained firepower than the standard-issue RPK-74, and the 7.62×54mmR cartridge offers a longer effective range and better penetration of light structures and improvised covers in urban and forest environments.

Back to what we have here, LCT made a 1:1 replica of the PKP with steel, when you pick it up you would feel the excellent craftsmanship from the premium qualities of LCT. 

Externally, it has a steel top cover and receiver, an steel barrel and all the other metallic parts are of steel components. The Stock, Grip and Handle are made out of Nylon Fiber. The box magazine is made out of metal and is capable of holding 4000 rounds of BBs which is plenty. There is another section in the box where you can slip in the battery for the AEG itself where you'd connect it to the AEG which then connects to the box magazine for them to function together. You may need to fire a few rounds before BBs start zipping out of the barrel.

Built Material: Steel, Plastic
Gear Box: Custom Metal Gearbox
Package includes: Gun, Box Mag, Manual