G&P - (GP-OTH039) Turbo Motor


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Brand new G&P Turbo motor is a breakthrough product for the AEG airsoft gun industry. Promising faster rotations and greater torque in one package, this new motor will take your high powered Automatic Electric Gun to the next level!

For those of you who seek for ultra-high rate of fire performance, this is the answer, with the release of this TURBO motor which delivers 30 revolutions per second (which far surpasses the current current AEGs). The TURBO motor trades torque for speed, and therefore can only be used in gearboxes with springs that are rated M135 or less.

It features a newly designed brush & brush case provide greater contact area for higher current flow without unnecessary surface friction; new Individually balanced commutator, meticulously aligned bearing inserts, and new CNC-machined aluminum end bell combines to ensure rotor stability at extreme speeds.