GHK - AIMS GBB Gas Blow Back Airsoft Rifle (2019 Version)


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● Length: 900mm
● Inner barrel: 400mm
● Weight: 3350g (with mag)
● Bullet: 6mm
● Capacity: 40 rounds
● Power: 115m/s (378fps)
● Power source: 12KG GAS & CO2 / The standard version with gas magazine
● Year of manufacture: 2019

Product feature
1. 90% Steel made.  High quality surface treatment.
2. Same production procedure as real one.
3. No dry fire design.  
4. Gas / Co2 magazine for option. (With device that prevent accidental discharge)
5. Firm structure for the part connects tight.
6. Diameter of the 21mm bolt outstanding the recoil reaction