Umarex (VFC) HK45 Compact Tactical (Asia Version) - FDE


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The HK45CT's ergonomics is actually more akin to the old USP or HK P2000 and there is something about this one that just sit very nicely in your hand. The gun itself has a good amount of weight and even though its a compact, it doesn't feel overly small. It also comes with an additional back strap for you to swap out if you so choose. Back to the weight, even without the magazine, its still feels weighty in hand.

It's a made out of polymer plastic and its feel is quite nice. The texturing looks good, same can be said about the back strap. The slide is aluminum and the sights are 3 dot style. The slide features secretions up front and at the rear. The trigger pull it self is very smooth all be it sadly lacks a reset which is very uncommon.

Unlike many other pistols, you actually don't have to remove the slide. With each gun you get a key and you can adjust the hop right here in the front under the barrel. In terms of forward thinking, this scores pretty high marks.

The base plate on the magazine does provide a comfortable rest for my hand. You can actually use a mock suppressor and its 14mm CCW head to fit on this gun. Being a gun with that also features double action, if I don't rack the slide the gun will actually not fire. However, after you have racked the slide and de-cock the gun, you can actually fire using double action.