Gunsmith Bros GB01 TF Aluminum Open GBB Pistol - Black


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  • Based on the Model 75 GBB Pistol.

  • Designed for I.P.S.C .

  • Full metal construction with all components from Gunsmith Bros.

  • Two Tone Silver & Black.

  • Open race gun Slide length.

  • Top rail for C-more.

  • Unique pattern of the diamond grip.

  • Flared magwell for more efficient reloads.


    Length - 265mm
    Weight - 705g
    Inner Barrel - 6.03mm
    Power Source - Green Gas
    Blowback - Yes
    Shooting Modes - Semi Only
    Hop-up - Adjustable by removing the slide
    Magazine Compatibility - Tokyo Marui Hi Capa, KJ Works Hi Capa, WE Hi Capa
    FPS - 370

    The standard version takes the length of the regular Model 75 and gives it its racing stripes. The 5.5 inch version increases the length of the outer barrel and slide to racing standards, and the Open version goes even further in terms of length and adds a top rail for a C-More sight. Each and every single pistol looks so incredibly stylish with a unique diamond grip with all the grooves and bevels you'd normally see on a race pistol. This ensures proper grip for the user making it a lot easier to handle the pistol. The flared magwell and protruding, extended mag release increases reload speed which hugely benefits the user. It may be far more practical than the original model but Gunsmith Bros have not forgotten that the performance is just as important. The design of the slide on the Model 75 already reduces the recoil but is still incredibly snappy as it runs with a 31 round green gas magazine (not included). Internally, you'll find a 6.03mm inner barrel so you can expect the BBs to be pushing distances of 50 meters, not that you would need to in I.P.S.C, and also increasing it's accuracy. If the model 75 compliments your racing taste buds, then the TF series is definitely something you should be looking into.

    About Gunsmith Bros:

    The I.P.S.C. Airsoft community are now lucky enough to get their hands on Gunsmith Bros vast collection of race products, but by far the best thing they've released are their TF Aluminium GBB pistols. They come in 3 different lengths, Standard, 5.5 inch and Open, and each length either come in all silver or two tone black and silver. If you're a fan of the Model 75 system, then you're bound to enjoy these pistols.


    x1 Gunsmith Bros TF Aluminum GBB Pistol.
    x1 Key to release trigger spring.
    x3 Magazine base.