Dominator x Silencerco™ Salvo 12 Shotgun Silencer For DM870


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SKU: DS-X00900

The Salvo 12 is the only commercially-viable, modular, hearing safe silencer for real shotgun on the market. Designed to operate with most pump action and semi automatic shotguns and almost all commercially available ammunition, at its full length of 12" the Salvo 12 brings sound down to 136.8 dB at the muzzle with #7 shot.

Now, Dominator™ is cooperating with SilencerCo™ to bring the Salvo 12 Shotgun Silencer into the airsoft market. Being able to install directly with any modification, it's time to customise your DM870 just like the real one on the market.

- Official licensed product
- Looks exactly like the real Salvo 12
- One of the few airsogt shotgun silencer on the market
- Easy plug and play installation
- No modification required

Silencer x 1
Adapter x 1