DAA - PRO Belt (36 inch / Blue)


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SKU: DAAPCB-36-BL Double Alpha Academy (DAA)

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The new rugged DAA PRO Belt takes the existing DAA Competition Belt to an entire new level of performance and function. With new design features like an attractive dual-tone webbing on the outer belt, logo text on the inner belt, a unique name-tag holder, and a new rubberized DAA logo belt loop, all make this new DAA model belt a real winner!

The newer DAA PRO Belt is designed for improved finish and appearance. The webbing used and overall appearance is more luxurious. It includes a rubberized (not embroidered) safety loop logo, a DAA logo on the inside of the inner belt webbing, and the cool new feature of a name-card holder built into the outer belt. With this, should one forget their rig on the range, it can be returned accordingly with the name ID holder.

The DAA PRO Belt is very-slightly thinner and narrower than the DAA Competition belt. It is more in line with the dimensions used by other 1.5? belt manufacturers, and so it is much easier to slide on gear from other manufacturers. And while it is still a rigid belt, it is not quite as rigid or stiff as the Competition belt. Some customers will prefer this, for a more comfortable fit to their body. For comparison, it is probably just a hair more rigid than the CR Speed belt. 

The DAA PRO Belt is available in dual-tone Black, Blue, Red or Silver-Grey, with the color boldly displayed in the wide middle section of the belt.