Cybergun (WE) Thompson M1A1 GBB SMG


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First GBBR Thompson of its kind.
Imitation wood with everything else metal.
Hop up adjustable in the breach
Top/green gas ready
Open Bolt system
Comes with a magazine with 50 rounds


Length - 810mm
Weight - 2690g
Magazine Capacity - 50 Rounds
Power Source - Gas Powered
Blowback - Yes
Shooting Modes - Semi, Full Auto
Hop-up - Adjustable in Breach
Magazine Compatibility - It's own 50 Rnd Magazine.
FPS - 320

A true classic from the World War II era as seen in the movie Saving Private Ryan, though brought to fame by 1920's Chicago gangsters (albeit with a front grip, drum mag and modified barrel), the M1A1 is comprised mostly of metal with imitation wood stocks that look quite real. A very heavy piece with a metal barrel, working charging handle, magazine, and metal upper receiver, the M1A1 is a true collectors piece. An open bolt system meaning you will need to keep the charging handle back before you insert the magazine and pulling the trigger is the only way for it to slam back forward and fire.


x1 Cybergun Thompson M1A1 GBBR.
x1 50 Rnd Magazine.
x1 Manual.
x1 BB Loader.