GunSmith Bros - STI 2011 Costa Carry Comp Airsoft Slide Kit Set for Tokyo Marui Hicapa Series


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Made By High Quality Aluminum 
The Slide Kit Set include Slide, Outer Barrel, Comp, Rear Sight & Front Sight, Frame with Rail, Recoil Spring Guide and Guide Rod. 

About the Real STI2011 Costa Carry Comp 
STI continues its push for honest, game changing innovation with the introduction of the Costa Carry Comp. Its island comp BBL is machined from a single piece of stainless steel, which eliminates timing issues and the potential to come loose. The front sight is attached to the compensated BBL¡ªmaking this the first ever barrel with a compensator in front of an island sight. The technology further reduces muzzle jump and enables you to keep eyes on the front sight rather than the blast of the comp. The comp reduces recoil by 63%. The STI RecoilMaster dual spring recoil system further reduces recoil, effectively making this the flattest, smoothest shooting pistol on the market.