Guarder Shim Set for AEG Series Gearbox


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SKU: BW-UP-GE-07-06 Guarder

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Essential part for upgrading your Airsoft AEG 
To build a tight & durable gearbox 
Ensure gears are tightly meshed against each other (seat firmly) 
Metal shims accurately fill any gap between gears 
Design for any Gearbox Version 
Suitable for ALL AEG brand: Tokyo Marui, ICS, STAR, Classic Army, G&G, G&P, TOP 
As always, upgrading AEG require necessary skill & technique to dissemble the gearbox, consult expertise if needed 
Set Include: 
0.15mm LARGE ------------------------- x 6 Pieces 
0.3mm SMALL Thin -------------------- x 6 Pieces 
0.5mm SMALL Thick ------------------- x 6 Pieces 
Guarder Airsoft AEG Rifle Upgrade Parts 
-- Steel Bearing Bushing --
SKU GE-07-06
Item Weight (gram) 10
Major Color Silver
Manufacturer Guarder
Hop-up N/A
Shooting Mode N/A
Gearbox Type N/A
Fit Battery Pack N/A
Bullet Type N/A
Pistol Power Source N/A