Guarder AEG Tune-Up Spring 150 for PSG-1


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SKU: Guarder AEG Tune-Up Spring 150 for PSG-1 Guarder

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For Tokyo MaruiAirsoft Electric Gun (AEG) Sniper -PSG-1 
Supreme Quality Airsoft Electric Gun Spring 
Oil Quenched & Tempered Si-Cr Alloy Steel Wire Type Spring offer stable performance 
Ready to upgrade your Airsoft Sniper to ~490FPS Muzzle Velocity 
Power Output may vary if used in conjunction with our upgrade parts
Major Color Black
Built Material Oil Quenched/Tempered Si-Cr Alloy Steel Wire
Manufacturer Guarder
Hop-up N/A
Shooting Mode N/A
Gearbox Type N/A
Fit Battery Pack N/A
Bullet Type N/A
Pistol Power Source N/A