DYTAC Metal Gear Delayer for AEG (Pack of 3)


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Essential part for upgrading your Airsoft Electric Gun AEG 
Stainless Steel Construction 
Gear sector clip fit the space better between sector gear and tappet plate 
Basically this upgrade part can be enable for tappet plate (Nozzle bar) to delay it's releasing time. 
Enable reliable BB Feeding in modified high performance AEG 
Even though it is so small upgrade part which should be installed in the gear box, 
It will guarantee AEG's reliable performance. 
This parts has no side effects such as power loss or erosion of tappet plate. 
Suitable for all Sector Gear 

As always, upgrading AEG require necessary skill & technique to dissemble the gearbox, consult expertise if needed
Major Color Black
Built Material Stainless Steel
Manufacturer DYTAC
Hop-up N/A
Shooting Mode N/A
Gearbox Type N/A
Fit Battery Pack N/A
Bullet Type N/A
Pistol Power Source N/A