Systema Motor assembly Type-7511 for M4 PTW


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The unique motor design of the Systema PTW was intended specifically for the demands of Professional Training, and its design and specifications had evolved to exceed the standards that was set with each major revision done by Systema. 

The most updated 7511 Type Motor for the PTW EVOLUTION represents the pinnacle of Airsoft motor technology based on Systema?s years of experience, customer feedback and continuous in-house testing.

In development of the 7511 Type Motor for the PTW EVOLUTION, the following refinements in torque and durability were implemented:

The new 7511 Type Motor is reinforced with a larger bearing on the bell end of the motor, to better secure and stabilize the central spinning axis of the entire rotor, thus improving long term durability.

A superior grade of heat resistant magnet is used to maintain strong magnetic force and motor performance, even when operating at very high temperatures.


Product Brand:    Systema
Product Code:    BW-UG-ASS-MT-7511
Length:    113 mm