APS CAM870 Police Magnum 3-GUN Shotgun Package ( Limited to 10 sets only! )


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Limited to 10 sets only!  

3-GUN SHOT GUN Package includes:
-A.P.S. CAM 870 Police Model MAGNUM Shotgun (CO2 Shell Eject) 
1/1 Scale High Performance Assembled CO2 Gas Powered Shotgun 
Metal Receiver 
Metal Outer Barrel 
Metal Breech Bolt 
Polymer Fore End & Fixed Stock 
Able to hold 6+1 Shell Cartridge (Each Cartridge accommodate 12 rounds BB Bullet) (Package Include Two Shell Cartridge) 
Each cocking will load up 1 Bullet (Each time can shot 12 round BB Bullet) 
Include Co2 Charger, Catcher Bag, 50x Wad, 50x Sealing Paper

-APS Magazine Extension Tube Adaptor for CAM 870 Shotgun
-APS 11" Magazine Extension Tube for CAM870
-JLP Speed Safety for APS CAM870 Shortgun
-APS Co2 Cartridge Shell for CAM870M 8pcs with Pouch