WE Aluminum Slide G35 GBB Pistol Classic Pattern(w/Case)


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G35 is a competition version of G22 which chambered 40 S&W ammo, it shares the same outlook of G34 but chambered different round. Most of the parts of G35 can exchange with G34 except barrel and magazine.

G35 Full Auto Pistol is not an official model in G Series. It is a custom made pistol mainly appear in civilian market which allow the semi-auto G35 shoots either in semi or full auto.

Aluminum Alloy Slide with Classic Floral Pattern and discrete ejector.
Aluminum Alloy outer barrel with Classic Floral Pattern and WE marking and ready for attaching silencer adapter.
Luminous Front and rear sight.
Polymer Lower Frame with Classic Floral Pattern, WE marking and comes with an extended slide stop.
A piece of sandpaper included for making this pattern frame into 2-tone color.
Realistic trigger finction same as real steel.
Semi / Full Auto Pistol with blowback action.
Adjustable Hop-up system.
Included 25 rounds G17 Magazine.
Compatible with WE 50rds Glock long mag and TM / Stark Arms G17/18 25 rds and 50rds long mag.
Comes with a new LED Carry Case (305mm x 270mm x 70mm).

Length: 220mm
Barrel Length: 110mm
Shooting Mode: Safety (Trigger Safety and a separated lock under the lower frame) , Semi-Auto, Full Auto
Weight (g):  815 (Gun with mag),  2180 (with carry case) 
Color: Gold, Black, Bronze (Base Color) 
Gas: 8KG (134a), 12KG (Green Gas)
Magazine Capacity: 25 + 1 rds
Material: Metal and Plastic
Bullet type: 6mm BB
Power (Muzzle Velocity): 350 – 360 FPS
Manufacturer: WE