G&P - M870 Original Shotgun (Shorty)


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G&P M870 Original Shotgun (Shorty)
1/1 Scale High Performance Assembled Spring Powered Shotgun
SUPREME craftsmanship & TOP NOTCH finishing as seen on the movie S.W.A.T.

-Shotgun M870 Metal Body (Full Metal)
-Shotgun CA870 Barrel Front Set (Short) (GP387)
-Shotgun M870 PA Grip
-CA870 Short Magazine (22rds) (GP453)

Tons of Upgrade installed converting this to a HIGH PERFORMANCE Shotgun
Engraved "Remington Model 870" on body
G&P M870 Shotgun Magazine hold 22 Rounds of Pellet Each
Power-Upgraded Shotgun with 370 FPS out from the box
The entire gun is built to last a long time
Utilize 6mm Plastic Bullet, this rifle give you a supreme accuracy on the target
Remember to check out our Store for Bullet, extra magazine & accessories

Product Brand: G&P
Product Code: GP-SHG001S
Weight: 2,050 g
Length: 515 mm
Capacity: 22 rds
Power: 350 fps
Power Source: pump action
Blowback: YES
Shooting Mode: semi