Action V10 Gas Sniper


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Action are well known for all their upgradable parts for many different kinds of airsoft guns. Recently, they've released their own sniper rifle, the V10. The V10 is well known for its accuracy within the airsoft community but it's also got to do with the internals. Now they've decided to include their Action Steel Gas Conversioni Kit.

Internally, it's all ACTION parts which includes the hop up unit and the trigger unit. It is VSR10 compatible with Tokyo Marui parts so you don't have to worry about upgrading it if you want to. That's not the most unique thing about it though.

When you open the box, it comes in two parts but you don't have to worry about putting it together as it's only 2 parts. It comes with screws, screw drivers and allen keys so they've prepared everything for you! The outer barrel is made out of metal and has a very unique look with grooves going from the middle to the end. There are holes in the end for 'ventilation' but it's just for looks in this case. The body is made out of Polymer with water transfer coating on it. There are two versions of this. They both come in black but one has a barrel coated in black and one is left chrome.

The bolt action is very different on this from what you may expect. Instead of pulling it back a 3 or so inches, you only need to pull it about an inch an a half before the BB is chambered. This will feel strange at first but you will look over that since the sound that comes out of this V10 is nearly non existent. Firing at 350 fps, you may want to get tight bore inner barrel to up the power but you'll be accurate and silent at the same time! 

Product Brand:    Action
Product Code:    BW-OTH-A-CS-V10-GAS
Weight:    2,680 g
Length:    1,280 mm
Capacity:    30 rds
Power:    350 fps
Power Source:    gas
Blowback:    YES
Shooting Mode:    Semi