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About Real KG-9 
The Intratec TEC DC-9 "assault pistol", also known as DC-9, TEC-9, or, if manufactured after 1994, as AB-10, bears the dubious distinction of being one of the most widely used "criminal" guns in USA. It was used in several mass murder cases, as well as in unknown, but definitely large number of street fights and other violent crimes. TEC-9 became "famous" for its "evil" appearance, large magazine capacity (which offered significant firepower), and for low price. Unsurprisingly, these features made TEC-9 very popular among various marginal types. For any serious or professional shooter this gun vas of little value - it was too big and heavy to be carried comfortably, it was too unreliable when firing anything but FMJ ammunition, and the accuracy with very crude fixed sights was about marginal. 

The TEC-9 design was started in Sweden, when the Interdynamic AB company of Stockholm developed a relatively simple submachine gun. Since Sweden was a poor market for such product, a subsidiary company Interdynamic was established in Miami (Florida, USA), to market Interdynamic guns in USA. As the full-automatic weapons market in USA is very restrictive, the basic submachine gun was converted in semi-automatic only variant, apparently suitable for civilian US market. This semi-automatic pistol, like its submachine gun predecessor, was a simple blowback design, firing from the open bolt. It was designated Interdynamic KG-9. 

Arms Revolution KG9 GBB 
Fully & Semi-Automatic Shooting Mode 
Steel Upper Receiver, Polymer Lower receiver /Grip 
Metal Outerbarrel 
KG9 Gas Blow Back Submachine SMG Gun 
blow back kick plus Smooth & Steady slide cycling 
Each cycling will open & close the bolt cover 
Steel Housing 40 Rounds Loading Capacity Long Magazine 
Realism lock-bolt function which stops the gun from firing after last BB fired 

Moderate power reach 350FPS with Top Gas