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Inspired by the Keltec, WE-Tech proudly present the Socom Gear Keltec PLR-16! The licensed Keltec custom PLR-16 is a Green gas (recommend) /CO2 operated GBB rifle with three different setups. The polymer handguard is included. You can choose to attach the handguard to be traditional style pistol or leave it open to have a slick looking pistol. WE-Tech Keltec PLR-16 features realist strong recoil, light weight enhanced polymer construction and WE AR/M4 magazine compatible. The accessories available include forend with Picatinny rail on the bottom, scope rings, dynamic deflecting operating handle and single point sling 

WE-Tech KelTec PLR-16 GBB 
Licensed by Keltec 
Realist strong recoil 
Semi/ Fully Automatic Shooting Mode 

Keltec PLR-16 X1 
Polymer Receiver and Grip 
Metal Outer Barrel (14mm Counter-Clockwise (Negative) End) 
Steel Charging Handle 

Standard M4 Stock
Fixed Front and Rear Sight 
20 round green gas magazine (30 round magazine are sold separately) 
145mm Polymer Handguard With 20mm Bottom Rail 

Green gas (recommend) / CO2 magazine support 
WE AR/M4 magazine compatible.