VFC M40A5 Gas Sniper Rifle (DX / Limited Version)


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Vega Force Company (VFC) USMC M40A5 Air Cocking Sniper Rifle which is under license from McMillan. This is a finely made Airsoft sniper rifle given VFC's reputation at detailed replication of the original. 

VFC M40A5 Gas Sniper Rifle (DX / Limited Version) 
1/1 Scale High Performance Assembled Spring Powered Airsoft Rifle 
Marine Corp Scout Sniper¡¯s Gungnir. 
U.S.M.C M40A5 Gas Sniper Deluxe Limited Edition. 
License from McMillan 

Polymer Body & Stock 
Aluminum M40A5 Tapered Outer Barrel 
M40A5 7.62 110mm CNC Steel Muzzle Brake 
Metal Trigger & Trigger Guard 
Fix Stock With Butt Pad (Pad Layers can be remove for length adjustment / Cheek pad height adjustment) 
Aluminum Made Cheekpiece with PU Plated 
20mm Aluminum Top Rail Optical Platform, is ready to install any rifle scope 
Full Metal Quick Detach Bolt Assembly 
Steel Front Swivel/ Bipod Stud With 4 inch Duty Bipod 
Full CNC Aluminum USMC Type 20mm Rail Scop Mount 
Steel Housing magazine accommodate 14 Rounds of 6mm Plastic BB 

The Hop-up adjustment lever is located externally on the Handguard Bottom of the rifle 
Sling mount can be installed with any sniper rifle sling