IRT - SMERSH Webbing Set (Type 4)


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Modular webbing gear was designed for the anti-terror special operations Teams and GRU-Speznas units.

Webbing belt and suspenders evenly distribute weight over the body and does not constrict movement and breathing. 

Set includes:
Adjustable for height and girth Padded shoulder straps
Shoulder straps with attachment points for additional equipment
Adjustable Sternum Strap with buckle closure
Drag handle (crosspiece at the back for evacuation of injured operator)
Webbing belt with buckle closure
Soft tactical belt
2x magazine pouch: for AK105 magazines (12 total) 
or AK103/AK104 magazines (8 total)
4 pouches for 4 hand grenades
4 Signal rocket pouches with elastic band for a better hold
Daypack with buckle closure and compression straps
Pouches may be attached to webbing by user preference. 
Pouches can be attached to each other, to block any unwanted movement. 
Daypack may be carried attached to the set, or stand-alone. 
Smersh AK set made of high quality cordura meterial