DYTAC CQB Holster for Glock (A-TACS)


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DYTAC CQB Holster 
High Density Nylon Construction 
Provide retentive & secure weapon holding solution which cannot be duplicated in leather or any other material 
Can be attach with belt in secure position (Max. 1.5inch width) 
Include Two Different Style Belt Mount 
Right Hand Design 
Include Safety Button 
Great for concealment, duty, tactical and sporting usage 
Fit for most Glock Series Airsoft Pistol 

Introduce new era of camouflage pattern - A-TACS: 
- layers patterns within patterns of organic pixels in a palette of digitally sampled colors from real world environments 
- More effective use of color-range: design to work in a variety of arid, dry, grassy, rocky or urban environments 
- use smaller patterns without horizontal or vertical orientation: break the human outline at great distances
Item Weight (gram) 230
Size N/A
Major Color A-TACS