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The PTS PDR™ offers compact form-factor and unique capabilities for individuals with need for such a low profile design. It is small and thin enough to be carried close to the body via a shoulder holster but is single handedly deployable even from a seated position making it ideal for use in vehicle cabs and tight spaces. 
Backward compatibility with AR-15/M16 AEG magazines, allows for emergency supplement from personnel carrying standard M16s or M4s. An ultra-compact bullpup-style design keeps the overall length to a minimum while still accommodating a highly effective 10.5 inch barrel. 
This concept of PDR is envisioned as an ultra-compact, rifle-caliber personal defense weapon, catered to military officers, non-combat personnel, aircraft/survival E&E, executive protection and airline security. It is designed to fill the unique role between pistol and rifle, by combining the capabilities of the latest generation of PDW systems while greatly reducing any logistical burden. 
The PTS PDR™ upper receiver is unique in housing all the fire control parts. This allows the user to switch in seconds to two different configurations of lower receivers, depending on mission requirements 
Since PDR-C is amazingly unique and popular, there is limited quantity of PDR-C which only available in Hong Kong, Japan, Philippine, England and Canada at the moment. We proudly announce that PTS PDR is now available. 
MAGPUL PTS presents PDR-C Rifle, the ultimate modern weapon is finally here!! 
Can you see the Engraved MAGPUL Logo monogram on the Pistol grip and fore grip? Cool~ 
• Picatinny M1913A Spec Top Rail – Full length top rail allows for optics or iron site mounting. Optics rail 0.5 ~ 0.6” above cheekweld 
• Streamlined “no snag” design, integrated forward grip and shortened tail section. 
• 11.5" Carbine Length Barrel 
• Quick-Change Spring System 
• Fully Ambidextrous Design – mag release, and ejection. 
• M16/M4 Magazine Release – Instinctive M16-type magazine release allows for rapid magazine reloading not seen in other bull-pup designs in this class. 
• Reversible Mid Ejection System – On the fly, selectable ejection system simulates ejecting spent casings from either the right or left side depending on user preference and tactical situation 
• Ambi Charging Handle – simulates ejection port press check 
• Press Check Blast Cover – cheek piece rotates up to allow hop up unit access and adjustment 
• Integrated Light Option – capable of accepting built-in illumination for target ID during low light conditions. 
• Quick Field Disassembly – Lower receiver is removable after pushing three captive push pins. 
• AEG M16/NATO STANAG magazine compatibility reduces logistical impact on both operators and supply chains. 
• Single Point Sling Mount – For use with shoulder holster 
• Ultra light for max portability 
• Store up to 7.4V -11.1V STICK Type Batteries inside the Grip (Mini-Plug) (Battery Size: 100mm x 33mm x 15mm)
Item Weight (gram) 2103
Major Color Black
Length 490mm
Barrel Length ~270mm
Hop-up Adjustable
Shooting Mode Semi/Fully Automatic
AEG Power Source 8.4V ~11.1V
Fit Battery Pack Mini / Handguard (Nickel / Li-Po)
Barrel Thread Type Clockwise
Barrel Thread Diameter 14mm
Magazine Capacity 70 Rounds
Bullet Type 6mm BB
Power (Muzzle Velocity) 350 ~ 400 FPS
Manufacturer MAGPUL PTS