King Arms COLT M4 RIS Gas Blowback Rifle


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King Arms COLT M4 RIS Gas Blowback Rifle 
Adjustable Power & Rate of Firing 
Crispy Metal Sounds & Smoother slide cycling 

COLT M4A1 Features: 
Cybergun Official Licensed Engrave Logos / Laser Markings throughout the gun 
COLT Metal Receiver (Easy Disassembly) 
Aluminum Alloy RIS Rail System Handguard 
14.5inch Carbine Length Outer Barrel 
Round Per Second Adjustment 
Power Adjustment 

Package with 50 Rounds Gas Operated Magazine (Also compatible with WA / Pro-Win M4 GBB Magazine without modification - optional) 
There are two valve blockers included in this package, which one of them is already installed. 

To adjust power, simply switch between higher / lower power valve blocker, it offers power range 280FPS~450FPS 

King Arms GBB Rifle - Power Adjustment Valve Blocker

To adjust Rate of Fire, interchange four different sizes speed buffers to achieve your perference. (The thickest and thinnest buffers have been installed) By adding buffer, it reduce travel distance for the recoil spring, hence higher ROF can be achieved. 

King Arms GBB Rifle - ROF Adjustment Speed Buffers

Aluminum Made 14mm barrel extension tube 
Sling mount can be installed with any single, 2- or 3- point tactical sling