Jing Gong Metal AMD 65 Assault Rifle AEG (Black)


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AMD65, which means Automatic Modified Descent (weapon) in English (Hungarian: Automata Módosított Deszant[fegyver]), is a Hungarian-manufacted variant of the AKM rifle designed in 1965. Different from its earlier model AMD63, AMD65 mainly used by the paratroppers and served as a support weapon of armored vehicle crews. The vertical foregrip on the front handguard helps the shooter in controlling full automatic fire.

AMD65 became the service rifle of the Hungarian Army, but it was replaced by AK-63, which was a more traditional AKM copy with lower production cost. However, due to the shorter size when compare with the noraml AKM and the metal handguard can easily fit picatinny rails, some PMCs or western security forces use highly modified AMD65 rather than the 5.56 based rifle.

14mm”-” Metal Flash Hider.
Metal Handguard with fixed AMD foregrip.
Metal Body frame with metal folding stock.
Adjustable rear sight with marking.
Adjustable Hopup system.
Black plastic AMD hand grip.
Safe & Full-Auto / Semi Selector lever with “∞ “ and “1” marking.
Store up to 8.4V stick type batteries inside the upper body.
Ready to go for 390 – 410 FPS without modification.
Front and rear sling swivel wich can installed any single, 2- or 3 point tactical sling.
Included Front Sight Adjustment and cleaning rod.
Included 600 rounds Hi-Capacity Magazine.

** Please note that Battery and Charger are not included**

Color: BlackLength: 860mm, 610mm (stock folded)
Barrel Length: ~363mm
Shooting Mode: Safety, Full-Auto, Semi-Auto
Weight (g): 3020 (gun with magazine), 4100 (with box)
Battery: 8.4V Battery (stick type)
Magazine Capacity: 600 rds
Material: Metal & plastic
Bullet type: 6mm BB
Power (Muzzle Velocity): 390 – 410 FPS
Manufacturer: Jing Gong