ICS TRANSFORM4 CXP EBB Rifle AEG (ICS-265, Rear Wire, Black)


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Perfect quality is always the top priority, ICS is committed to innovate and build the best products with no compromises. The founder of ICS, Mr. Chu believes that if a gun can¡¯t satisfy the needs of our customers, it¡¯s not good enough to be on the market.ICS decided to create an innovative product that is durable, easy to maintain, and realistic. Our goal is to go beyond simply creating a new AEG, but rather to innovate and create a high quality replica that can be used in the harshest environments. 

You can have your cake and eat it too; the goal is to meet the needs of all players. The new design gives you the durability and ease of maintenance you require. ICS¡¯s innovative split gearbox design is modular making the upgrade possibilities virtually limitless. Every detail was looked at to ensure you have a dream gun in the end. The TransforM4 CXP-UKI will be the standard in which all others gun are measured. 

Mr. Chu led ICS¡¯s R&D team to start a comprehensive review on the shortcomings of the traditional EBB system. After 2 years of research and development, ICS came out with a brand new EBB split gearbox design. The new upper gearbox is extremely durable, simple, and completely modular. Function and reliability testing was performed on the units in excess of 100,000 rounds with no noticeable wear and tear on the gearbox. 

The gun has all of the functionality you need, and in a beautiful package.The UK1 handguard uses the keymod system with the same specifications as real firearms. The TMAG provides you with high, medium and low capacity choices.You also have a BB capacity window to see when you are running low on ammunition. The new MTR stock with six positions adjustable provides adjustability, comfort and stability. All of these features are a reflection of the ICS Mission Statement: The Best Thing We Create. 

The TransforM4 CXP-UK1 comes standard with an ICS POM reinforced piston, metal hop up unit and a reinforced pinion and bevel gear via MIM process.These enhancements make it one of the most durable AEGs out of the box. The body pins have tracks on them keeping them attached to the lower receiver when disassembling the gun. The gun also has an ambidextrous charging handle allowing both right handed and left handed shooter to be comfortable. The selector switch also releases the spring tension when moved to the safe position another feature that will prolong the life of your gun. The TransforM4 meets all of the requirements of Mr. Chu¡¯s vision the TransforM4 is the best thing we create 

ICS TRANSFORM4 CXP EBB Rifle AEG (ICS-265, Rear Wire, Black) 
High Performance Assembled Electric Powered Airsoft EBB Electric Blow Back 
Semi & Fully Automatic Shooting mode 

320mm Ultra slim lightweight UK1 handguard with keymod system. 
350mm Outer Barrel With Newly designed flash suppressor. 
Metal Receiver (Engraved "ICSCXP" Marking) 
- Integration of safety selector lever and spring release function 
- Ambidextrous charging handle is comfortable for right and left handed shooters. 
CXP Front/ Rear back-up sight (Spring-Loaded Flip-up) 
6 Position UK1 Adjustable stock 
UK1 Tactical Polymer Grip 
300 rounds TMAG Hi-Cap Magazine With BB capacity window and anti slippery lines. 

Opening the bolt cover to adjust HOP UP 
Store up to 11.1V LiPo Battery for insert into Stock (Mini Plug) 
Brand-new EBB reinforced Split Gearbox system with invincible performance. 
Reinforced MIM bevel and pinion gear 
Sling mount can be installed with any single, 2- or 3- point tactical sling 
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