AY - Metal VSS VINTOREZ AEG Sniper Rifle (Wood)


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- Type: AEG
- Material: Wood, Metal Alloy
- Fire Mode: Full Auto
- Hop-up: Adjustable
- Length: 940mm
- Barrel Length: 420mm
- Power Source: Battery (Ak Stick)
- Barrel Thread Type & Diameter: /
- Magazine Capacity: 180 Rounds

- Metal front set with intraged suppressor (both front and rear sight included).
- Metal frame set with side rail in order to install PSO-1 type sniping scope.
- Comes with metal safety & selector lever, frame top cover and rear sling swivel.
- Constructed of AY Custom Ver 3 Metal Gear Box.
- Adjustable Hop up system.
- Comes with fixed rear stock which can store up to 9.6V AK stick type battery / 7.4V lipo battery (mini plug).
- Included 180 rounds Hi-cap Magazine.

The VSS (Russian: Винтовка Снайперская Специальная, Vintovka Snayperskaya Spetsialnaya; English: Special Sniper Rifle), also named the Vintorez (Thread Cutter), is a suppressed sniper rifle developed in the late 1980s by Soviet Union. It is issued mainly to Spetsnaz Units for undercover or clandestine operations, a role made evident by its ability to be stripped down for transport in the special briefcase (carry with 2 magazines, PSO-1 scope and NSPU-3 night sight). It builds with an integral sound supressor and chambered with a special heavy subsonic 9 x 39mm cartridge and fed from a 10-round / 20-round magazine.