ARES Amoeba M4 CG-003 Electronic Firing Control System - DE


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Are are continuing with the Amoeba Innovations M4 style AEGs, except this time they look a little more like a M4. They've released three different version. The CG-001, CG-002, and CG-003. They all have the same Amoeba receiver you've seen on their last product, the Amoeba pistol grip and a 300 round hi cap PMG magazine which has a fold out rubber piece to protect it from drops. The magazine also looks as if there are cartridges inside making it look realistic. 

This is where the similarities end. The CG-003 is the full carbine length version with QUAD rails and an uninterrupted top rail for all your accessories and even more space for additional rails. On top are there own flip up, removable front and rear sights. It has a Amoeba style extendable stock. It's length makes it ideal for outdoor skirmishes as the fps is a little high. Since it's very accurate at ranges of 20 meters, you'll have no trouble picking off your targets.

The AMOEBA uses ARES's Electric Fire Control System so you can make your AMOEBA shoot in burst fire if you wish. Inside, you can find a MOSFET so each and every single shot is even and consistent with one full rotation of the gears. 

Product Brand:    ARES
Product Code:    BW-AR-AM-CG-003-DE
Weight:    2,616 g
Length:    765 mm
Capacity:    300 rds
Power:    396 fps
Battery Size:    11.1 Lipo Tamiya
Shooting Mode:    Semi, Full Auto