PTS - GoGun SuperComp No Talon Brake Flash Hider (CNC, 14mm CW)


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- Material: CNC Steel

- Precision CNC machined from heat treated steel alloy. 
- High impact resistant. 
- Distinguish engraved trademark on each licensed Talon with true 1:1 scale in airsoft version. 
- Included Shim kit for easy installation. 
- 14mm Clockwise (+) design 
- Surface Finish: Packetized Black

GoGun USA designs and produces a variety of parts for custom firearms. Their signature ground breaking Gas Pedal grip has changed the way handguns are used. They have a variety of Pistol, Shotgun and Rifle parts for both the tactical and competitive shooter. Obsessed with producing the best brakes on the planet, their answer is the SuperComp Talon Brake and SuperComp NoTalon Brake. 

With precise dimension, PTS Go Gun SuperComp No Talon Flash Hider provides users with special and immersive shooting experience. Each licensed Talon has decent engraved trademark showing its uniqueness. Not only does PTS GoGun SuperComp No Talon Flash Hider have an attractive outfit, but also delivers a great performance.