Madbull JP Enterprise Hanguard Full 12 inch for M4/M16 Series - Black


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This hand guard has been designed to achieve maximum versatility, high rigidity and structural integrity, and positive barrel retention. The handguard tube is secured to the outer nut with six flathead screws for a rock solid relationship that will never turn and will remain precisely aligned to the upper receiver. The JP Hand Guard System allows you to mount rails in any position for complete flexibility without wasted weight and features you don't need. 

Package include:
One (1) hand guard tube
One (1) outer receiver nut
One (1) inner barrel retainer nut
Six (6) 6-32 flat head screws
One (1) quick-detach stud assemblies

Product Features:
Modular rail placement options
Matte Black Oxide Coat
Includes 1 Quick-Detach Sling Stud with Backer Plate
Patented (by JP Rifles) handguard adapter (intelligent design to attach to the upper receiver.)
Continuous Top Rail for uninterrupted mounting options.
Comfortable handguard grip for any hand size.
Licensed by JP Rifles
Constructed with Aluminum