King Arms 180rd M583A1 40mm Cartridge


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King Arms

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Gas powered airsoft launcher cartridge / Grenade Shower Shell 
Constructed of reinforced metal alloy 
Fit all 40mm Launcher: STAR, CA, Mosquito Mold, Sun Project, G&P M203 Launchers & CAW M79 
Contain 12 Slots & each slot can store 15 Rounds of 6mm airsoft pellet w/ total 180 Rds Capacity 
One shot can shoot out all 180 Rounds of 6mm Plastic Pellet 
A very large & huge cloud of gas is emitted when fired!! 
All Cartridge were produced by Computer Numeric Control (CNC) Lathe, fine surface & slot polishing 
Ensure shower can sustain larger gas pressure without leakage, i.e. more power 
Industrial Strength O-Ring in this Cartridge 
Effective Distance is 60-70 Foot (Shoot much more further than Mosquito Molds' Shell Cartridge) 
At last, much less cost than Mosquito Molds Counterpart 
Note: Top part is dummy shell cover which is for display only. Remove shell before shooting!
Item Weight (gram) 215
Major Color White
Loading Capacity 180 Rounds
Magazine suitable for STAR, CA, Mosquito Mold, Sun Project, G&P M203 Launchers & CAW M79
Magazine Type Shell / Cartridge
Bullet Type 6mm BB
Manufacturer King Arms
Package Includes King Arms Airsoft Cartridge x 1