King Arms 40mm Cartridge W/ Rubber Bullet Head


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King Arms

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Gas powered airsoft launcher cartridge / Grenade Shower Shell 
Shoot out a LARGE RUBBER BULLET like the real thing 
Constructed of reinforced metal alloy 
Fit all 40mm Launcher: STAR, CA, Mosquito Mold, Sun Project, G&P M203 Launchers & CAW M79 
Contain 1 Shot of Rubber Bullet Head 
A very large & huge cloud of gas is emitted when fired!! 
All Cartridge were produced by Computer Numeric Control (CNC) Lathe, fine surface & slot polishing 
Ensure shower can sustain larger gas pressure without leakage, i.e. more power 
Industrial Strength O-Ring in this Cartridge 
Effective Distance is 40-50 Foot 
Item Weight (gram) 150
Major Color Black
Loading Capacity 1 Rubber Bullet
Magazine suitable for 40mm Launcher
Magazine Type Shell / Cartridge
Bullet Type 6mm BB
Manufacturer King Arms
Package Includes King Arms Airsoft Cartridge with Rubber Bullet