G&P - Gas Charging Collapsible Stock Set for Marui M870 Shotgun


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Material: Polymer, Steel

- For Marui M870
- Material: Steel & Aluminum
- Buttstock & Grip Material: PA+GF
- Ergonomic grip comes with 2 additional grip inserts
- M870 CNC Process Buttstock Adaptor
- WA I.A. Grip (Black)
- Crane Type Buttstock (Black)
- Comes with QD sling mount able to attach to 4 sling mount points
- Gas Charging Cartridge 

Ever felt as if you wanted a Collapsible Stock on your Tokyo Marui M870 rather than its own stock? If you do want it changed, you'll have to rework the Gas Charging system as well. G&P have answered both these points with their Gas Charging Collapsible Stock Set which also comes with a very ergonomic pistol grip set so you can alter the size of the grips for your comfort.

People have been having problems with the Tokyo Marui M870 Gas Tank and this is the best solution to get around that. Inside the stock tube is a cylindrical gas tank of which you can take out and replace with another one so you can either re-gas it on the go, or replace it completely!

Since the butt stock can be removed, you can add any kind of stock you wish so long as it able to fit on a GBB M4 as it has a identical system. You wanted a tactical M870? You're getting one!