Bars Gorka 2 (50-3)


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This is original Gorka 2 from Bars. Main feature of this Gorka is balance. It have very low price, and very good quality and fabric. It will works during Autumn, Spring and even cold winter (with underwear). Bars is well known Russian Company based in North Kaukaz and producing Gorka Suit for Special forces like (MVD, FSB, VDV and GRU). Also can be used during rain or wind day.

This gorka is analog of SSO, but with not so great quality, but with much better price. 

Main difference between Gorka 4 Bars and Gorka 3 bars - Gorka 4 made have Anorak Jacket (one big pocket on chest). 

NOTICE! We sell only Original Bars Gorka 2. Be careful, there are a lot of China low quality copies with lower price. 


1. Durable fabric.

2. Original Bars Quality

3. Great balance of quality and price.

4. 4 pockets on Jacket and 4 Pockets on Trousers.

5. Special impregnation. This suit almost full water and wind proof, so you can use it in any weather (Rain, Snow, Sunny). 

6. Issued for most Russian Special units.