AW Custom Adaptive Drum Magazine for AW / WE / Tokyo Marui G Model GBB Series


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Representing the pinnacle of research and development, AW Custom? Adaptive Drum Magazine is built to be tactical, reliable and customizable. 

Comes with shockproof pads to ensure the reliability, more color choices are going to be available for customizing your own drum magazine. Featuring a high capacity of 350 rounds, it provides a devastating and yet unstoppable firepower on the field. Designed to be user-friendly, the manual winding system is built in front of the magazine for fast and easy operation in the mid-game. Unlike most other drum magazines on the market, the Adaptive Drum Magazine is utilizing an adaptive magazine system to interchange with different adapters for different models.

- 350 rounds high capacity
- Comes with customizable shockproof pads
- Interchangeable adaptive magazine system
- Manual winding system

Adapative Drum Magazine x 1