ATS - 7.62 Split Front Chest Harness (Multicam)


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The ATS Split Front 7.62 Chest Harness is a simple, stripped down rig designed to hold four 7.62 M1a/M14, FAL/L1A1, SR25, G3, or Magpul LR20 magazines. The harness will also fit two M4 aluminum magazines, although it wasn?€?t designed to do that. Magazines are retained by 1/8th inch shock cord with a Cordura pull tab. The rig splits in the middle by way of two ITW/Nexus side release buckles. There are two 9 x 7 inch map pockets, one on each side of the harness that are accessed from the top. Each side of the harness has two channels and five rows of PALS webbing for the attachment of utility or radio pouches. Each panel of the harness measures 10 inches by 7 inches, and is about 22 ?? inches in length. Because we made this rig out of 500D Cordura nylon, it weighs just 13 ?? ounces. 

While the harness attaches the same way the rest of the ATS harnesses do, through 2 inch ITW/Nexus Looplocs in the front and 1 inch side release buckles on the top side and waist belt, the harness is different from previous ATS units. There is a skeletonized grid of four channels and five rows of PALS webbing for the attachment of sustainment pouches, small modular assault packs, or modular hydration carriers. The harness will still mate with the ATS MCH Hydration Carrier. 

Another difference with this harness is the waist belt. It is released from the left side buckle only, with an ITW/Nexus Looploc on the opposite side. This means adjustment of the strap can be done by pulling on the running end of the side release buckle side of the harness. Also note that the waist strap and the straps that attach the back of the shoulder harness to the body of the SFCH have a new webbing retainer, a Velcro wrap to keep the extra strap neat and snag-free. 

ATS 7.62 Split Front Chest Harness (Multicam) 
500 Denier Cordura Construction 
Fully adjustable for height and girth 
Adjustable shoulder strap 
With MOLLE webbing om front 
Center Highest quality side release buckles Closure 
This Chest is great for CQB, Shooting Skirmish Game & Hunting use 

Include four Open Top 7.62 type (AK) Rifle Magazine Pouch (with an bungee retention)