A.P.S. - CAM 870 PMC Shotgun (CO2 Shell Eject)


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A.P.S.  - CAM 870 PMC Shotgun (CO2 Shell Eject)
1/1 Scale High Performance Assembled CO2 Gas Powered Shotgun 

Metal Receiver Body 
Metal Outer Barrel & Magazine Extension Tube 
Magpul Polymer Stock With Grip (Stipple) 
Polymer Forend (Stipple) 
Metal Bolt (Titanium Nitride Style Coating) 
Fiber Front Sight (Red Fiber Optic) 
With 20mm Picatinny Rail on Front Barrel Mount 
Rear Metal Sling Mount 
Able to hold 6+1 Shell Cartridge (Each Cartridge accommodate 12 rounds BB Bullet) (Package Include Two Shell Cartridge) 
Each cocking will load up 1 Bullet (Each time can shot 12 round BB Bullet) 
Include Co2 Charger, Catcher Bag, 50x Wad, 50x Sealing Paper