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This powerful new sniper rifle had turned the tables on battle. Now the hunter has become the hunted. It completely likes a beast summoned. It takes some down to the point enemy never know where does the striker come from. It is an almost one of the most cost effective, efficient weapon on the battlefield and certainly one of the most feared.

Advanced Magazine Feeding System

We have created a new BB feeding mechanism for our APM40A3 Spring Sniper Rifle. Unlike the other Chinese or Taiwan made spring sniper rifle where the magazine has a ugly protruded housing for BB feeding, Our APM40A3 has an unique feeding mechanism which is primary developed by Tokyo Marui and optimized its feature by us. The metal magazine will feed from the front not from its top and a plastic follower attached directly to the loading nozzle will extract a BB every time the bolt is cocked and on its return travel. This BB will travel through a ramp and into the hop chamber. So the magazine insertion is in correct position. This kind of design will make the magazine looks more realistic. Also solving the problem of double feeding of BB bullets.

Unique and Precision

APM40A3 is unique in market. You may find a lots of manufacturing making low end Spring Sniper Rfile like L96, M82, M24, But definitely not the APM40A3 style. We are the first company in the world to introduce this style of gun

High Quality parts and components used

Our APM40A3 use 6.03 Stainless Steel Inner Barrel, where other low end spring sniper rifle are not! Our M40 has 6 built in inner barrel stabilizer and we have enforced perfect alignment treatment on the inner barrel before it is installed in the gun. We make sure the grouping and accuracy of this gun is outstanding among other competitor¡¯s when we launch it in the market.

Adjustable Trigger Pull

The Trigger pull of our APM40A3 is adjustable. The trigger pull of our APM40A3 is extremely comfortable and smooth which is beyond comparison.

Adjustable Stroke

The stroke of the trigger is adjustable from 0 ¨C 4 mm. Normal people may not see or feel the different of a few millimeters but Airsoft friends will definitely know the importance of the trigger stroke in shooting!

Removable Butt Stock

Just simply one button! You can remove the butt stock without hassle. No tool is required. You can remove the butt stock whenever you wish. Why removing the butt stock? For easy transport or storage?? You have your own answer!

Adjustable Creek Pad

Again, just simply one button! You can adjust the height of the pad to best fit your creek. 3 heights level adjustable and you will find the best height that fit you the most.

One Hand Hop Up Adjustment

The hop up switch is on the left hand side of the gun. You can adjust the Hop up easily by your finger of your supported arms. No tool is required. You can keep aiming the target without losing it and adjust the HOP UP at the same time! This is what a professional sniper is really looking for.

  1. Caliber: 6mm BB
  2. Inner Barrel Size: 6.03 Stainless Steel Inner Barrel 
  3. Inner Barrel Length: 510mm Inner Barrel with special barrel treatment enforced
  4. Special Machine to align the barrel and make it perfect straightness
  5. Trigger Pull adjustable
  6. Trigger Stroke adjustable
  7. Energy Source: Spring Action (Air Cocking)
  8. Material: Zinc die casting, Aluminum,, PolyFiber
  9. Magazine Capacity: 45 Rounds
  10. Guns Size: 1220mm(L) x 188mm(H)
  11. Unique mold texturing on the lower frame and stock
  12. Bipod and Scope is not Included ***
  13. Available in DEB Color or Black Color
  14. Canada Version 425 FPS @ 0.2g BB