Aimpoint Micro H-1 2MOA


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Aimpoint Micro-series sights are small, light and rugged red dot sights developed for hunting, short shooting, military and law enforcement application. Aimpoint red dot sights are designed for the "two eye open" method of sighting, which greatly enhances situational awareness and target acquisition speed.

Thanks for the parallax-free design, the dot follows the movements of the user's eye while remaining fixed on the target, eliminating any need for centering. Further, the Aimpoint sights allow for unlimited eye relief. The Micro T-1 is compatible with 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation NV devices, while the Micro H-1 is optimized for applications, which do not require NV compatibility.

The Micro-series sights are using the Advanced Circuit Efficiency Technology, called ACET, which combines Aimpoint's superior accuracy and ease of use with significant lower power usage.

Battery Type:
One 3 V Lithium battery, tyle CR2032.

62mm x 41mm x 36mm