Asura Dynamics DTK-4 Silencer w/ Extended Inner Barrel for AEG / GBB - Silver

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SKU: AD-P-014-SV Asura Dynamics

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Product Brand:    Asura Dynamics
Product Code:    AD-P-014-SV
Length:    187 mm

The DTK-4 Silencer should make a lot of AK fans happy. Asura Dynamics have released their replica of the Zenitco DTK-4 silencer. This is more of a barrel extension as it comes with its own inner barrel and will fit GHK GBBR AKs and E&L AEG AKs so it does not discriminate accommodating both factions!

Since it does have an inner barrel, it will increase the the power by another 50 FPS or more depending on the AEG or GBBR you use. It will only fit the AKU, AK105 and AK74.