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After Action Report: Day 4 IWA Outdoor Classics 2018


IWA Outdoor Classics 2018 Day 4

With the Airsoft Meetup being the peak of the airsoft experience at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2018, the next day, the 12th of March, is when all the excitement start going down as people start saying goodbyes to new and old friends and for the exhibitors, the arduous task of taking down their booths and packing up all the products they had on display.

I had to file my Day 3 report so Master Chief went to the RedWolf Airsoft booth to meet with the guys from TAGInn, also known as Airsoft Pyrotechnics. TAGInn have the more well known products in airsoft that are exported from Russia. Mark and Igor were there to explain their latest creation, the “Zero” project. It is their first complete HPA-powered rifle with a recoil system as well as an integrated TAG ML-36  launcher that is also powered by HPA. Other products that TAGInn are the pyro grenades that can be fired from existing launchers to good distances.

After finishing my report. I went down to see the Gunfire people recording a video with Airsoftology. I got dragged into the video as well. Master Chief was at Evolution Airsoft checking out the display whilst I waited for the Dytac guys to discuss further cooperation in terms of providing readers of Popular Airsoft more regular updates from them. They finally arrived for our quick meeting.

From there, it was a visit the HFC booth. I have reported the products on display during the MOA Exhibition 2017 in Taiwan last year so Sindy Hu wanted to focus on their very novel product, a pirate’s flintlock airsoft pistol. If you dig the Pirates of the Caribbean and want a pirate’s pistol, then grab one of these pistols from HFC. It is either good for Cosplays or for your personal collection. It can be used for a themed airsoft game, provided that it involves pirates… Arrrr!!!

The past 3 days have been mainly roaming the halls to find the airsoft displays. On the fourth day, it is the turn of gear. We checked out the different halls, taking photos of the known brands in airsoft: Helikon-Tex, Direct Action, Pelican, Propper International, Magnum Boots, Lowa, etc. But there is one company that has some real tacticool products and should be a bigger blip in the radar of airsoft players — Pentagon Gear. A Greek company, this company has been coming up with designs that combine form and function that can rival UF Pro. So if you want to look cool in the field with your clothing, then Pentagon should be part of your list.

Having a quick lunch at the Press room, it was time to slowly put our things back into our packs. At 1400H it was time to finally say our slow goodbyes. Sad as it may seem we do have our regular lives to go back to once we all get back home.

Is this the best IWA? In terms of airsoft it is. The airsoft community at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2018 has been more coherent and really fun-loving. There are many lighthearted moments that we’ll keep in our memories for years to come even as everyone did serious business (Yes! IWA is 80% business and 20% having fun, seriously). The Airsoft Meetup had its largest attendance and more companies are interested in presenting next year.  That means even more hard work for us



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