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There were lots of guns at the SHOT Show 2020, literally, that we can’t just decide which ones on display we want to have an airsoft version. We could hope all of them, but sometimes we just need to pick our favorites that airsoft manufacturers may want to pick-up. One of our choices is the newly unveiled AK-20 from Arsenal Inc., which of course, how could one dislike an AK, the most iconic rif


Jonathan Higgs does an unboxing of the PTS MTEK Flux Helmet as well as the highest capacity Midcap magazine, the PTS EPM1 in this Airsoftology video… “We unbox the MTEK FLUX Helmet and EPM1 Mid caps; both from PTS before their official release.  The surprising thing about the midcaps are their over 200 round capacity, putting them at the highest number we’ve seen yet for a non


High Speed Gear release another IFAK, the ReFlex IFAK System… “The ReFlex™ IFAK was developed with direct input from active-duty medical personnel. The ReFlex™ is a two-piece system, med roll and carrier, that is designed to carry organized medical supplies with ambidextrous accessibility. The system, constructed primarily with heavy-duty nylon laminate, allows rapid deployment of

Nonocat: EMG STI TTI 2011 Combat Master

Another quick look at the EMG STI Taran Tactical 2011 Combat Master GBB Pistol which of course is more known as the John Wick Pistol. It is a fully licensed airsoft pistol and comes with a CNC machined aluminum slide that is detailed laser engraved markings of officially licensed STI rollmarks and TTI trades. Nonocat does her John Wick impression for a minute review of this GBB pistol.

Mel Gibson & Danny Glover To Make The Final “Lethal Weapon” Movie

Missing the “Lethal Weapon” TV series after Fox cancelled the show after three seasons? Well, here is some good news for you. Mel Gibson and Danny Glover have agreed to make the final “Lethal Weapon” movie on which the TV series is based on.

As much as we love Damon Wayans carrying the show with Clayne Crawford who was then replaced by Seann William Scott (more known as Stifler from the VFC At MOA Exhbition 2019

Another look at what VFC had on display at the MOA 2019 in this video from… “The airsoft manufacturer VFC Airsoft (Vega Force Company) from Taiwan had a booth at the airsoft exhibition MOA 2019 in Taiwan and showed some of their newest and upcoming products for 2020.

They also had some prototypes with no final release date yet. Eg. a FAL (GBBR) and a lightweight MK 48 MOD 1

The Ship 2020: An Airsoft Event To Be Held On Board A Cruise Ship

The first thing that comes to our minds when we hear “Cruise Ship”, is about those luxurious holiday cruises where people get to visit different ports and enjoy the amenities and entertainment inside a massive ship. But what if we can combine our love for airsoft and be able to do it on board a cruise liner?

Sounds good? Well, then prepare to get aboard “The Ship” and event that will take

PTS MTEK Flux Helmet

The fully licensed PTS MTEK Flux Helmets to be available soon at our online store.

“The PTS MTEK FLUX replica helmet is an extremely high fidelity replica featuring a high quality, properly textured, and accurately colored high strength polymer shell. The high quality, extremely comfortable foam inserts are reconfigurable and, along with the fully adjustable chin strap system, allow this on

ICS CXP-MARS PDW9 Quick Review

Among the PDW-style 9mm AR AEGs to be released for 2020, the CXP-MARS PDW9 from ICS Airsoft is getting anticipation as airsoft players like the design of this AEG. Whether it will be used for SpeedQB or as the primary airsoft gun for CQB games, this AEG surely ticks the boxes. Here is a quick review of the AEG that was on display at the MOA Exhibition 2019 as done by, surprise, by ICS Airsoft

The Hudson H9 Airsoft GBB Pistol By EMG

The real steel H9 made my Hudson Mfg was first showcased during the 2017 SHOT Show and it featured a few innovations that has caught the eye of gun enthusiasts. It sort of having a go at trying to combine the classic look of the 1911 and the modern pistols of today. Unfortunately, luck wasn’t on the Hudson Mfg side. As of March 2019, the company filed for bankruptcy. So the H9s, at least those t

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