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RandomTrashy: Are Milsim Players Better?


Let the debate begin, are Milsim players better than than other airsoft players, be it speedball, or the regular weekend airsoft warriors? RandomTrashy touches this topic as part of his Ultimate Guide To Milsim where he takes airsofters who are about to enter milsim learn the key points of safety, comfort, and enjoyment.

0’20 Magazine’s ICS CXP-M.A.R.S. Review


Up next to review the new ICS Airsoft CXP-M.A.R.S. or the Modern Assault Rifle System is 0’20 Magazine. This has a unique handguard with the frontend that reminds you of the LVOA Wirecutter. Just like the recent releases of ICS Airsoft for the CXP line, this users the ICS Transform4 electric blowback technology. Turn on the language caption of your player to follow this video review.

The Movie Trailer About The 1980 Iranian Embassy Siege Is Online


An event that catapulted the Special Air Service (SAS) into the public eye that happened 37 years ago, is about to be told again in a movie this summer. “6 Days” is an action thriller about the 1980 Iranian Embassy Siege in London starring Jamie Bells (Fantastic Four) as Rusty Firmin, the SAS Blue Team Assault Team Leader, and Mark Strong, as the hostage negotiator Max Vernon.

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Easter Holiday


Kindly note that our office will be closed as below: 14th April 2017 to 17th April 2017 Closed The shipping may be delayed during the holiday,

Should you have any enquiries, please email to Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you very much for your kind attention.

RandomTrashy: Tokyo Marui HK45 Tactical


RandomTrashy picks from Camo Raids one of the latest gas blowback pistol release from Tokyo Marui, the HK45 Tactical. This is an improvement from the USP45 with more enhancements such as accessory rail, more ergonomic design, and ambidextrous operation. This pistol from Tokyo Marui comes with a polymer slide and frame, a 16mm barrel thread to accommodate a metal silencer, white dot front and

APS Black Hornet CO2 Pistol

The Black Hornet is an innovative airsoft handgun developed by APS they just released last week after a long period of development by the company of an airsoft blowback pistol that can be preferred as a primary weapon for airsoft games.

I met for the first time Mr. Frog Lee and Derek of APS during the IWA Outdoor Classic 2017 in Nuremberg, Germany and we spoke about their new concept which is a ful

“Should You HPA Tap Your Airsoft Gun?”


Airsoftology‘s Q&A Mondays go into the topic HPA tapping, which is basically converting your GBB magazine to use HPA via tethered tank. We see this done by airsoft shooters practicing their accuracy at a range, mostly practial shooters, as it is cheaper than using gas. More topics for this video below:

“Tippmann Mail Call

2:00 – What is Your Favorite Plate Carrier? 5:03 W

HSP Quick Tip: The Subgun Zero


Submachine Guns are always thought to be specialty weapons meant for close combat, even their manufacturers say the same. But in this Quick Tip video from Haley Strategic Partners, it can be still be deadly at longer ranges… “James goes over the subgun zero and shows that the subgun can be effective at greater distances.”




The Megabots Versus Kuratas Fight Will Finally Happen In August 2017


The last time we have heard about the status of this fight was that Team Megabots were in the process of building a Megabots MK II to be able to fight properly against the Japanese Kuratas. It is almost two years since the Americans challenged the Japanese to a giant robot duel which was originally scheduled last year but the fight was delayed due to problems of finding a venue.

Now, we get n

The French GIGN Just Selected The CZ Bren 2 As Their Standard Issue Rifle


Whilst the French Army chose the Heckler & Koch HK416 Assault Rifle as the replacement of the FAMAS rifle, the elite French law enforcement and special forces unit, Groupe d’intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale (GIGN), decided to replace their HK416 rifles with the CZ Bren 2 as the standard issue rifle.

In a report last week by defence magazine, Shephard Media, Česká zbrojovka

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