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TMC - Hight Hang Mag Pouch and Panel Set (A-TACS FG)

TMC - Hight Hang Mag Pouch and Panel Set (A-TACS FG)
TMC - Hight Hang Mag Pouch and Panel Set (A-TACS FG)
Brand: TMC
Product Code: TMC-PCH-2013-ATFG
Weight: 650g (with package)
Availability: In Stock
Price: USD $30.99
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TMC Hight Hang Mag Pouch combines single rifle and pistol magazines pouches into one secure unit. This unique pouch can securely hold a variety of magazines, as well as, other accessories. 

Rifle Pouch Able to hold a variety of popular manufactured magazines in calibers ranging from 5.56 to .308; in addition to some portable radios, destructive, and distraction devices. A Pistol Pouch will hold most pistol magazines in both single and double stack configurations, as well as, flashlights, multi-tools, and other similar sized equipment. 

All pouches are made of 1000 Denier Fabric, an injection molded polymer insert, and tied with high strength shock-cord. 
The padded leg panel attaches to your belt at two locations for stability, comfort, and function. A padded mesh back and rubberized leg strap ensures that the panel stays in place during vigorous activity. 

TMC Hight Hang Mag Pouch and Panel Set (A-TACS FG) 
1000 Denier Fabric Construction 
Can be attached to any Belt 
Able to Hold 2x 5.56 Magazines and 3x Pistol Magazines 

Size: 230mm X 155mm


The shown magazines are not included.

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