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SureFire - EB2 Backup Ultra-High Dual-Output LED (5-500 Lum, Tan)

SureFire - EB2 Backup Ultra-High Dual-Output LED (5-500 Lum, Tan)
SureFire - EB2 Backup Ultra-High Dual-Output LED (5-500 Lum, Tan)
Brand: SureFire
Product Code: SF-EB2C-A-TN
Weight: 180g (with package)
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Price: USD $258.50
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The EB2 Backup is a slender, compact dual-output flashlight with a stunning 500-lumen maximum output that can be used as a primary or backup light for patrol officers or a duty light for plainclothes officers. It's also ideal for everyday-carry, self-defense, or outdoor applications. The EB2 features an ultra-high-output, virtually indestructible LED emitter and a precision Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens that create a high-intensity beam optimized for both reach and situational awareness. 

There are two EB2 Backup models to choose from, differing in the type of tailcap switching: 

Click-type switch - Partially press tailcap pushbutton for momentary-on high output; press further to click constant-on high. Return to off and press or click again within two seconds for low output. 

Tactical switch - Partially press tailcap pushbutton for momentary-on low output; press further for momentary-on high output. Release to turn light off. Twist tailcap clockwise for constant-on low and then high output. 

The EB2's max-output 500-lumen beam is ideal for identifying potential threats and overwhelming their vision. Its five-lumen low-output setting is perfect for reading a map, checking an ID, or navigating in low light with minimal degradation of your dark-adapted vision. The EB2 Backup can run at this low-output level for 67 hours on a set of two 123A lithium batteries, a valuable feature for outdoor, emergency, or other uses where you may not have easy access to spare batteries. 

A tough, lightweight Mil-Spec hard-anodized aluminum body protects the EB2's sophisticated electronics, and its smooth contours minimize clothing snag and pressure points. A two-way clip permits secure head-up or head-down carry, as well as field-expedient hands-free lighting if clipped to the bill or brim of a hat. Available with either of the above listed tailcap switches in Black or Desert Tan. 

For a smaller, lighter-weight version of this flashlight, see our one-battery EB1 Backup. 

SUREFIRE EB2 Backup Ultra-High Dual-Output LED (5-500 Lum, Tan) 
Virtually indestructible LED emitter regulated to maximize output and runtime 
Two output levels — high for maximum light, low for extended runtime 
TIR lens produces tight beam with plenty of reach and enough surround light for peripheral vision 
Coated tempered window resists impact, maximizes light 
High-strength aerospace aluminum body, Mil-Spec hard anodized for extreme durability 
Choice of two models with distinct tailcap switch options: tactical type and click-type; see details under Description 
Two-way clip permits light to be carried bezel up or down 
Weatherproof O-ring and gasket sealing 
Includes high-energy 123A batteries 

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