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ATS - 5.56 Split Front Chest Harness (Multicam)

ATS -  5.56 Split Front Chest Harness (Multicam)
Brand: ATS
Product Code: ATS-CH-0133-MC
Weight: 700g (with package)
Availability: In Stock
Price: USD $122.00
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This harness was driven by customer demand, following the release of the ATS 7.62 SFCH. The 7.62 harness was designed by an SF friend of ours and was made for a deploying unit, but the design worked so well it was modified into the 5.56 version seen here. The harness is constructed of 500 Denier Cordura for durability and light weight. Each pouch holds a single 30 round 5.56/.223 magazine. They are held in by our bungee retention system, with nylon pull tabs. Each side of the harness has a built in 9inchx 7inch map pocket. To the outside of each side of the rig there two channels and three rows of PALS webbing. Each magazine pocket of the harness also has two channels and three rows of PALS on its face. 
Each side of the harness is 10 inches by seven inches, and the harness is closed by two ITW/Nexus GhillieTEX one inch Fastex side release buckles. Overall width of the harness is about 22 ½ inches. To reduce weight, the waist belt has been redesigned to release only from the left side, and a webbing retainer has been added to secure the running end of the strap. The upper harness attachment points use the lighter ITW/Nexus Ladderloc and also use the webbing retainer. The shoulder straps have also been redesigned to accommodate our MCH Hydration Harness or a smaller and lighter modular carrier such as the ATS 50 Ounce Hydration Carrier. The cross strap portion of the harness has a very lightweight 4 channel and 4 row grid of PALS webbing with a clever design that does away with the base material that PALS is usually sewn to, instead using a double row of webbing bar tacked to itself and box-X stitched to the harness. 

ATS 5.56 Split Front Chest Harness (Multicam) 
500 Denier Cordura Construction 
Fully adjustable for height and girth 
Adjustable shoulder strap 
With MOLLE webbing om front 
Center Highest quality side release buckles Closure 
This Chest is great for CQB, Shooting Skirmish Game & Hunting use 

Include four Open Top 5.56 type (M4/ M16) Rifle Magazine Pouch (with an bungee retention)

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